Book Lust: From Camarines Sur

Last Wednesday, I attended the Manila International Book Fair and I acquired quite a bit of new books. However, I wasn’t able to return to the MIBF on the other dates especially on the last day when, rumor has it, a lot of the exhibitors give further discounts for their books on sale. The reason for my non-attendance on the subsequent dates of the MIBF is that I had to go home to my province, Camarines Sur, in order to attend the annual Penafrañcia Festival.

However, in substitute for my absence in the ongoing MIBF, I went to the Naga City branches of Booksale (they have two) to satiate my book lust. Here is what I accumulated last weekend in my home province of Camarines Sur:

The two books sandwiching the rest of the loot, Whitney Terrell’s The Huntsman and Bill Henderson’s I Killed Hemingway, came as a surprise from my mother because she knew that I am a fan of Hemingway and she said that a book bearing such a title may interest me and she is, as always, right but she was saddened by the fact that I already have a copy of I Killed Hemingway so I told her that I would keep the copy that she gave me and I will give away my extra copy. She also bought The Huntsman for me because she saw that it was a New York Times Notable Book and she knows that I am intrigued by such books. I really love my mom even though she keeps on scolding me for hoarding books.

The sandwiched books are books that I’ve bought from the two branches of Booksale in Naga City. Olive Kitteridge is a Pulitzer-winner and I am curious about award winners so I bought it even though I don’t know the author; The God of Small Things is highly-recommended by a friend of mine plus it’s a Booker Award winner; The Sound and The Fury is a book written by the Nobel Laureate William Faulkner and he is one of the authors that I want to read in the course of my bookish life; and The Plot Against America written by Philip Roth, a writer who I am becoming highly interested in ever since I read Everyman.

There you have it, my book buys last weekend. I think it’s enough for now lest my mother scold me again for hoarding.

20 Responses to “Book Lust: From Camarines Sur”
  1. iamsheilagarrido says:

    I like The God of Small Things. Good read, indeed.

  2. backtothegroove says:

    Nice book selection! 🙂
    I haven’t read The Sound and The Fury yet… it is older and dustier than ever before. Haha.

  3. Aldrin says:

    I like the title I Killed Hemingway if only because, unlike you, I dislike Hemingway with a passion. Haha.

    Oh, and props to your mom!

  4. Whoah! Your mom just made me teary-eyed. She’s like my mom when I was only starting to build my library. She’d buy me Zafra’s books (so yes, please blame her). 😀

  5. ForesterCary says:

    hi bernard! you’re a bicolano din pala. san ka sa bicol?

  6. backtothegroove says:

    Yep November is fine. 🙂

    Oh wow your mothers are book worms! Mine isn’t; but she’s OK with my book hoarding so it’s good. One time she brought home a book and handed it to me – so I read it. It was a love story about an American-Indian couple, there were lots of mature scenes and I finished it. To this day, I don’t understand why I was given that book. Perhaps she didn’t know what it was about herself. But I appreciated her effort nonetheless. Hahahaha.

  7. Good hoard. God of Small Things is indeed good. 🙂

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