Book Lust: Christmas Edition

Christmas is just around the corner and, before I begin, I want to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas. We just held our book club’s Christmas Party last Saturday and I was so happy to receive gifts in the form of books this year. This is actually the first time in my life that I received a lot of books for Christmas so you can imagine my glee. Not to mention the slew of tokens and candies that I also received making this year’s Christmas so awesome.

These were the books that I received for Christmas including one that I bought for myself (sorry for the slight tilt):


  • Meaning and History: The Rizal Lectures by Ambeth Ocampo – This was from Kwesi (Thank You!) and this is the first work of Ambeth Ocampo that I will read. I was a history nut in high school so I’m really excited to read this.
  • Estremelenggoles by Rio Alma (Virgilio Almario) – I took this from the book pile during our book club’s Christmas party. Any work written by a Filipino National Artist is worth getting so I took it without hesitation.
  • Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus – This was from Rhena (Thank You!) and it’s such a thoughtful gift. She knows that I like my books synchronized and, since I have The Stranger in the same format, she bought me this book to complement the other.
  • The Insanity Defense by Woody Allen – This was from Celina, my Kris Kringle mommy (Thank You!), and I am so ecstatic when I opened my gift because this is actually hard to find and because this was the gift that I want the most from my Kris Kringle wishlist.
  • My Mistress’s Sparrow Is Dead: Great Love Stories from Chekhov to Munro edited by Jeffrey Eugenides – This is the book that I got for myself. I got it for a bargain and it’s perfect reading for February which is just less than three months away.
  • Gilead by Marilynne Robinson – This was from Monique (Thank You!) and I was really glad to receive this because I was having a difficulty looking for this. I want to read this as soon as possible because it is highly recommended by another bookish friend.
  • The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach – This was from Aldrin (Thank You!) and this is also highly recommended by him. I actually only have the faintest idea about the book before but now, after reading the reviews and the blurb, I am actually quite excited to read this.
  • Who Can Save Us Now: Brand New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories edited by Owen King – This was also from the book pile and I just couldn’t resist indulging the geek in me by reading short stories about superheroes.

Well, I came home a very happy man. What about you, dear readers, did you receive anything awesome this Christmas?

8 Responses to “Book Lust: Christmas Edition”
  1. Monique says:

    On Gilead: You’re welcome! I even checked your wish list shelf just to make sure you didn’t have a copy of that one yet. 😀

  2. I highly recommend Gilead and I am very envious of the Dead Sparrow. Merry Christmas!

  3. None, and I don’t expect any. Lots of books on the Xmas wishlist though, as usual (and most have been there for years now). Nevertheless, still have lots to catchup on the titles already with me. Congratulations for all the new books! 🙂

  4. Peter S. says:

    Again, what a nice haul, Bennard! I have The Art of Fielding as well. Actually, the last time I saw it, it was on top of my bed several months ago! I wonder where could it be now. Anyway, I plan to read it next year, so it’ll be nice to hear your thoughts about it too!

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