BOOKLOVE: September 2013

This is the first ever BOOKLOVE post in a long while that was not preceded and not succeeded by an Essential Reading post, which means that I have blogged about something other than what I’ve acquired, what I’ve read, and what I will read. So you can say that this post is sort of special. … Continue reading

Thoughts on Short Fiction: Alice Munro

Last week, I came home to the news that one of my favorite short story writers, Alice Munro, won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. I remember that day since the rain was falling heavily, my shoes were wet, and a tree was felled near where I live due to the combination of rough winds … Continue reading

Essential Reading: October 2013

September flew by so fast and here we are again. October is here and it means new lists to create and new books to read. Last month was a novella-reading month + Lolita and it was a great month in which I read of the works of authors that I have read before and those that I … Continue reading