Essential Reading: December 2013

Hello! December, the end of the year, is finally here and that means that I am in the last month of my reading for the year 2013. It has been a wonderful year of reading but that should be for a different post so, for now, let me recap the books I’ve read for November before we go on to the books for December:

  • When the Women Come Out to Dance by Elmore Leonard (3/5)
  • Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem (5/5)
  • City of Glass: A Graphic Novel by David Mazzucchelli and Paul Auster (5/5)
  • Stoner by John Williams (5/5)
  • White Noise by Don DeLillo (4/5)

Now, for my December reading, I chose books written by some of the authors whose work I like. Plus a book by a Nobel laureate who passed away. Here they are:


  1. The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Without realizing it, F. Scott Fitzgerald has been one of my most read authors for the year. I might have been influenced by my recent visit to Fitzgerald’s grave plus he does write nice stories.
  2. Who Do You Think You Are? by Alice Munro – One of my favorite short story writers, Alice Munro, won the Nobel this year. I think it is very appropriate to celebrate her victory by reading one of her most acclaimed short story collections.
  3. The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing – Sadly, Doris Lessing passed away a few weeks ago. I haven’t read any of her works yet and I wanted to honor her memory by reading her masterpiece.
  4. Timbuktu by Paul Auster – As readers of this blog may have noticed, Paul Auster is one of my favorite authors. After hearing good things about Auster and his The New York Trilogy from members of my book club, I was encouraged to read another of his many works.
  5. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides – Eugenides has also become one of my favorite authors after reading his two other novels and an anthology of short stories that he has edited. This is the only work of his that I haven’t read yet.

I also have to finish Emporium by Adam Johnson and Kaddish for an Unborn Child by Imre Kertesz but I’m almost done with the two so that isn’t going to be a problem. Our book club is also going to have a Harry Potter Christmas so I’m going to reread the 1st book of Harry Potter this December. This month, filled with books and reading, is going to be an epic end for the year.

6 Responses to “Essential Reading: December 2013”
  1. Monique says:

    Of Eugenides’ three full-length novels, The Marriage Plot is the weakest, I think. But that’s still saying a lot because Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides. YES.

  2. Louize says:

    Wow, 6 books for December!
    You can do it! 🙂

  3. Bought The Golden Notebook on Booksale months back, before her death was announced. How timely, I thought. I liked Lessing’s The Terrorist when I read it years back. Will be reading The Golden Notebook soon, maybe next year. Hoping to know what you think about Lessing in the near future.

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