Book Review: Khirbet Khizeh by S. Yizhar

“Long live Hebrew Khizeh! Who, then, would ever imagine that once there had been some Khirbet Khizeh that we emptied out and took for ourselves. We came, we shot, we burned; we blew up, expelled, drove out, and sent into exile.” One is not always in touch with history and its events. Of course, being … Continue reading

The Midyear Review

Last year, at about the same point in the calendar, I’ve announced that I’ve read 39 books. This year, we see a decline in the amount of books that I’ve read and although some people might feel sad about that fact, I do not. First of all, I’ve also watched 80 movies and listened to … Continue reading

Essential Reading: July 2015

July marks the halfway point of my reading year and, so far, I have finished 30 books from my target of 60 for 2015 which means that I’m on track to achieve my reading goal. However, I have been lagging in my reviews because, out of the 30 books that I’ve read this year, I’ve … Continue reading