January or (My Return to Writing about Books)

After a few months of silence on the blogging front, the prodigal son has returned. My return to the Philippines, land of the unreliable internet connections and of things that are infinitely more interesting than blogging, is to be to blame for the lack of updates for this blog but. since I am now returned to the land where there is absolutely nothing to do for days, I come with my first post for the 2017.

I actually have nothing to say except that my reading for the year 2016 was excellent. I read 72 books, most of them excellent, which means that I surpassed my original reading goal of 60. I have also added an uncountable number of books to my TBR. I have discovered new authors and rediscovered old favorites, went out of my comfort zone only to either crash and burn or to reach new heights. You know, all that jazz. Oh and I have experienced being on the other side of the literary field as a writer when I participated as a fellow for the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Virgin Labfest where a short play of mine had a stage reading at one of the most revered shrines of Philippine Literature. Also, Bob Dylan won the Nobel!

Anyway, I don’t really have anything substantial to say. So to act as a sort of a filler, let me show you what books I bought recently:


The obvious best of the bunch is the Elizabeth Bishop set of her collected prose and poems as it also comes with a beautiful slipcase. The two Pynchons in all their daunting thickness will be a challenge as I plan to read at least one of them this year. There are three books from New Directions Publishing (Castellanos-Moya, Erpenbeck, Krasznahorkai), an NYRB by Bresson, a Munro (!!!), an Isherwood (!!), and the winner of the 2016 Pulitzer for Fiction, Nguyen’s The Sympathizer(!). Amado, Breyer, Chiang, Ryokan, Smith, and Stein round up the bunch.

That’s about it for this quick update

2 Responses to “January or (My Return to Writing about Books)”
  1. BookerTalk says:

    Good to see you back on the blog – is that room your TBR????

  2. Monique says:

    The Sympathizer! Wala pa akong copy haha. Soon. 🙂

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