January or (My Return to Writing about Books)

After a few months of silence on the blogging front, the prodigal son has returned. My return to the Philippines, land of the unreliable internet connections and of things that are infinitely more interesting than blogging, is to be to blame for the lack of updates for this blog but. since I am now returned … Continue reading

2015: A Year in Reading

I have been quite lazy lately in writing for this blog. I have neglected reviews, turned in posts later than usual, and just let the blog gather dust. Still, the New Year is supposedly a time for renewal which begs the assumption that I, along with the year, will change. Only problem is that I don’t … Continue reading

The Midyear Review

Last year, at about the same point in the calendar, I’ve announced that I’ve read 39 books. This year, we see a decline in the amount of books that I’ve read and although some people might feel sad about that fact, I do not. First of all, I’ve also watched 80 movies and listened to … Continue reading

2014: A Year In Reading

2014, like all years past ever since I started blogging, has been an extraordinary year for reading. I’ve read 62 books total and most of them were amazing reads. Yes, yes, there were a few duds and even some of the worst pieces of literature that I have encountered in my life but the good and the … Continue reading

The Giveaway

Well, this is late. This is very late. I promised that I’ll be posting the winners of my very first giveaway last August 7 but I forgot about it and, if I did remember, I got lazy. Anyway, apologies for my forgetfulness and laziness. I just used random.org to choose the winners and they are: … Continue reading

The Book Hooligan Goes 2

I didn’t realize until the yesterday that it’s the time of the year when the little corner of the internet that I claimed for myself as a venue for my frenzied ramblings is turning 2 years old. Well, technically it turned two years old yesterday because it’s August 1 already in the Philippines where I created … Continue reading

The Midyear Review: 2014’s Best Reads So Far

I am halfway through my reading for 2014 and I must say that, in terms of overall reading, the first six months of 2014 did not disappoint. Of course, there’s the fact that I started the year with a little bit of disinterest and that I have read the two worst books that I have … Continue reading

2014: What Lies Ahead

Everyone considers the start of the new year to be a time for making resolutions and setting goals. Although I do not usually get caught up in such pursuits, I do concede that the proliferation of 2014 reading goals across book blogs all over the internet has inspired me to do some new year’s reading … Continue reading

2013: A Year in Reading

This is probably my last post for this year (unless the blogging gods send their blessings) and my 80th overall. A nice round number would be a nice way to end this year in blogging (although a nice round number + 1 would be arguably better). Anyway, 2013 is almost at an end and sometimes … Continue reading

Best Reads of 2012

2012 was really an awesome reading year for me. I have managed to finish 61 books (including graphic novels) which means I exceeded the number of books required for my Goodreads’ 2012 Reading Challenge. All in all, it was a very great reading year. But, of course, some books are better than others and this … Continue reading