BOOKLOVE: August 2012

I am adding another new feature in my attempt to blog about my reading habits and I dub this new monthly segment as, as you may already know, Book Lust. Yes, that is a sorry attempt at toilet humor directed towards my love for books and my (supposedly) raging hormones. Anyhoo, dear readers, this new segment is a rundown of my end-of-the-month book splurge which I save for every month. However, due to the large-ish (there are worse hoarders than me, I presume) volume of books that I buy in-between the first and the last day of the month, I will not be including the books that I buy out of impulse during my non-designated book splurge day. Believe me, there are only two things that I prioritize when it comes to spending. One is for a personal and mushy reason; and the other is for my love of books. Mother, if ever by some twisted reason you are reading this, I promise that I am, at the very least, eating the required minimum for a person my age and that I am not starving myself in order to save for books.

Now, after the string of surprisingly 0ff-topic ranting, I present to you, dear reader, my end-of-the-month book splurge for the month of August.

These are all from the bargain bookstores in UP except for Interpreter of Maladies and Dancing Girls which I got from Book Sale. I bought Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex first because I am preparing for my September required readings, the theme of which you’ll know come September (Yes, you can guess). Then I bought Life of Pi because I have been reading rave reviews about it from my friends in Goodreads and because the movie adaptation is coming out this year. When We Were Orphans was bought in an ecstatic haste at the thought of reading another Ishiguro after my surprisingly awesome experience reading Remains of the Day. There’s the Interpreter of Maladies and Dancing Girls which are both short story collections that I bought at Book Sale for a bargain. Lastly, I finally have a copy of Atonement which piqued my interest after hearing the synopsis of the movie from my girlfriend at which I decided to read the book before watching the movie, which makes me 5 years late.

I am so happy that the books that I bought are in pristine condition and at very reasonable prices for a college student. But I am quite sad because David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas is still eluding me after a month of search. After hearing rave reviews of the book and the awesomely cool movie trailer (if you clicked the link and you are old, have your heart medicine beside you), I want to read it before I watch the movie. I will just hope that I will find a copy at my next end-of-the-month book splurge.

6 Responses to “BOOKLOVE: August 2012”
  1. Wow! I’ve read 4 of those books, and all of them are wonderful reads. Interpreter of Maladies is special to me since it’s one of the early books that I read in college (I “blossomed” late as a bibliophile).

    For your September theme, hmm, I’m guessing you’ll be reading raunchy books (just because Middlesex has the word sex in it), or medical books (it deals largely with hermaphroditism), or books that have something Greek in them, or … hmm. Maybe I should just wait?

    • I actually bought Interpreter of Maladies because I saw your excellent review of it.:) Plus you said to Monique that you become sad when you see unbought copies of it.:D

      As for my theme next month, I think you should just wait.:p Haha. Although the raunchy books are a good idea.

      • Eek! That’s a super sabaw review. Some of the books I write about, I’ve read them long ago. But thanks! I didn’t realize someone would be reading them. 😀

        And Emir would approve. Have you two met? He’s a Lahiri fan, and I have great respect for his book picks (except for the chess books, haha).

      • I respect the opinions and book choices of the people in TFG so I read all of your reviews as much as possible.:)

        I haven’t met Emir yet. I’m still in the process of meeting bookish friends and I would like to meet him.:)

  2. Monique says:

    Yay for the top 3 books on your pile! Middlesex and Life of Pi are five-starrers for me, and while I’ve yet to read When We Were Orphans, I look forward to doing so within the year. I wouldn’t be touted the “resident Ishinatic” for nothing. 😀

    • Thanks! I read your reviews on Middlesex and Life of Pi; and you’re actually one of people that made me pickup these two books.:)
      And I did not know that you’re the resident ‘Ishinatic’. I always thought that it would be Angus or Jzhun for some reason.

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